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Nestled in the Foothills of the Adirondacks,
68-Acres of breathtaking views

Founded in 1919 and officially incorporated in 1928, the New York Landmark and Historic Kingsboro Golf Course has long been a cherished institution in Gloversville, delighting golf enthusiasts with its scenic nine-hole course and breathtaking views of the Adirondack Mountains.

Over its 94 seasons of continuous operation, the course has garnered a reputation for excellence in golfing experiences, drawing both seasoned players and newcomers alike to its challenging terrain and narrow fairways.  The 9-hole course was originally designed as a skills-builder course, offering challenges for even the seasoned professional.

Under the new ownership of Micropolis Development Group in 2021, a fresh chapter unfolded for the Kingsboro Golf Course as it embarked on its season with a renewed vision. With a focus on enhancing customer service and creating a comprehensive golfing experience, the course greens underwent significant capital improvements to its grounds and facilities. Despite its rich history as a golfer's paradise and hidden gem, the course needed to embrace change and evolving to meet the shifting needs and interests of its community and how the community engaged with the sprawling 68-acre greens.

With the start of the 2024 Season, and as part of this evolution, the Kingsboro Golf Course is transitioning into a fully available Outdoor Event Center, moving away from its exclusive golfing identity.   This exciting transformation will see the club host a diverse array of events, including a bustling farmers market and engaging community activities. By opening its doors to a broader audience and offering a dynamic range of experiences, the club aims to establish itself as a vibrant hub for social gatherings, entertainment, and cultural enrichment in the local area.

The decision to pivot towards becoming an Outdoor Event Center reflects a commitment to adaptability and innovation, ensuring that the 68 acres of land remains a relevant and inclusive destination for all. By reimagining its purpose and embracing new possibilities, the land is poised to create lasting memories and foster a strong sense of community among its patrons, ushering in a new era of excitement and opportunity for all who visit.


In response to inquiries regarding the reopening of golf activities at The Pines Event Center and the decision to shift away from golf-focused operations, we want to clarify our evolving identity. While we {Micropolis Development Group} had operated the Kingsboro Golf Course and The Pines Restaurant separately for the past three years, we are now joining these ventures together – what we consider “the land” and the “the buildings” into a holistic space to be known as "The Pines Event Center," we are embracing a broader vision beyond being solely a restaurant or golf course. Our original intention upon acquiring the property was to establish a versatile venue and event center, a direction we are now actively pursuing.

Recognizing the abundance of golfing options in the vicinity, with seven golf courses within a 15-mile radius of Gloversville, including esteemed destinations like Hales Mills Country Club, Fox Run Golf Course, Nick Stoner Municipal Golf, and Holland Meadows Golf Course, many offering PGA-level facilities, driving ranges, indoor golfing simulators with indoor winter leagues,  and various additional amenities, we believe golf enthusiasts have ample alternatives to explore in the area.


Golf, as a sport, demands significant investment from both players and course operators. Over the last 50+ years, the Kingsboro Golf Course has struggled financially, changing hands multiple times and facing foreclosure challenges. Rather than perpetuating this cycle, we are choosing to breathe new life into the property by reimagining its purpose and creating a fresh approach to community engagement.


While we remain committed to preserving the property's natural beauty, our focus will now be on hosting a diverse array of events. Starting in 2024, The Pines Event Center will operate as an exclusive outdoor event venue, featuring weekly Farmers Markets and monthly large-scale events, culminating in a spectacular drive-thru holiday lights display. These offerings are designed to appeal to a wider audience beyond the local community, attracting tourists and visitors from neighboring areas. 


These events will be open for local Food Trucks, Cottage-Core Artisan's and many small businesses to showcase local products and skills trade which is a greater benefit to the community as a whole.  A list of thee 2024 Calendar of Events can be found on the Pines Website:

We are excited about this new chapter and the opportunities it presents to revitalize the land and cultivate a vibrant space for communal gatherings and entertainment. This strategic shift aligns with our long-standing discussions and demonstrates our dedication to creating a dynamic and inclusive destination for all to enjoy!

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